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Management can be divided into out-of-game management and in-game management, and out-of-game management is performed by entering teacher mode Yes, in teacher mode, you can manage the content of your child's game lessons and host multiplayer games.

And [in-game management] (./ingame-man) refers to the management when running the game, such as granting/taking back the player's permissions (flight, chat, and the unique permissions of various modules...), for Game time management and interspersed exercises between playthroughs are also implemented in-game through the Quiz Player Challenge mod.

Basic concept

  • Mod: Mod is short for modifications or modules, used to add or change gameplay

    Please use mods with caution

    1. Poorly written mods can crash the game/server
    2. The more modules are enabled, the more computer resources will be occupied and the startup will be slower
  • Sub Game (Sub Game): To put it simply, it is a combination of a series of functional modules, plus some customized rules, so that Minetest has different game types such as sandbox, puzzle solving, and action .

    • The educational version is based on the official minetest_gameopen in new window basic game. This is a completely peaceful world without any animals. It is a nature composed of many ecosystems, but No matter how old the device is, it can run, so it is used for educational courses.
  • Modpack (Modpack): A modpack (abbreviation: "MP") is a combination of multiple modules (mod). Basically, modpacks are just special directories that contain the actual mod directory.

  • Texture Pack: Used to change the appearance of blocks, items and creatures in the game

  • Privileges: Refers to the user's privileges in the game world (that is, the course), such as: interact, chat, fly, pass through walls, etc.

    • Ordinary users (students) only have permission to interact, chat, and change nicknames by default

Out-of-game management


After running, click "teacher mode", enter the password and enter the management interface. pc

Initial Admin Password

  • The default initial admin password is six numbers: double seven, double eight and double nine
  • Please change it at once.

For more detailed instructions (including modifying the management password, etc.), please click: Out-of-game management

In-game management


In game:

  • Can manage players and player permissions;
  • Many mods can also be managed in-game by providing chat commands pc

For more detailed instructions (including how to authorize), please click: In-Game Management

Introduction to App Folder

Start the server directly (without entering the graphical interface)


Note: You must have entered the graphical interface of "minetest Education Edition" at least once, otherwise, the default world will not be created

Execute on the command line:

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