An open source block-based sandbox app designed specifically for education and similar to Minecraft: Education!🚀 Inspire creativity and inclusive learning by exploring a virtual world of blocks and unlocking new ways to solve any subject or challenge!✨

Help manual (offline version of this website)

External mods

After downloading, directly decompress the external module extMods.7z into the mods directory under minetest.


Linux portable(AppImage)


  • After downloading, modify the permissions of the file to be executable, and you can run it directly without installing dependent packages
  • But the mod can only be set by directly modifying the configuration file
    • You cannot see the installed modules on the interface. To manage modules on the interface, you must first copy the modules to the ~/.minetest/ directory
  • The built-in CSM module cannot be loaded directly, it must be copied to the ~/.minetest/ directory too.

Linux Compression Files


After downloading, right-click to unzip the compressed file package and run minetest 🎮 in the bin directory (you may need to install dependent packages).

  • Dependent Packages:
    • libc6
    • libcurl3-gnutls
    • libfreetype6
    • libgl1
    • libgmp10
    • libjpeg-turbo8
    • libjsoncpp25
    • libleveldb1d
    • libluajit-5.1-2
    • libncursesw6
    • libopenal1
    • libpq5
    • libspatialindex6
    • libpng16-16
    • libsqlite3-0
    • libstdc++6
    • libvorbisfile3
    • libx11-6
    • libxxf86vm1
    • zlib1g

Under Ubuntu, you can execute the following command to install dependent packages:

sudo apt install libc6 libcurl3-gnutls libfreetype6 libgcc-s1 \
libgl1 libgmp10 libjsoncpp25 libleveldb1d libluajit-5.1-2 \
libncursesw6 libopenal1 libpq5 libspatialindex6 libsqlite3-0 \
libstdc++6 libtinfo6 libvorbisfile3 libx11-6 zlib1g

Windows portable


After downloading, right-click to unzip the compressed file package, and run the executable file in the bin directory: minetest.exe 🎮.


  • Known Issues: Versions released before minetest-5.6.1-edu-2d4c67fd6(2022-10-15) input text on Windows systems, only Can use pure English input method, can not use any Unicode IME input method input, otherwise no text can be input. The latest version must be installed to use Unicode IME Input Method.
  • If occasionally the IME input method cannot be called out, please click the window outside the input box (let the input box lose focus), and then switch back to the input box (click the input box again)
  • BTW: It is normal to input unicode chars under Android and Linux(Ubuntu).

Android phone/tablet (touch screen) cannot close the open window (inventory bar) in the game

Android Mobile/tablet


After downloading, install it directly on your phone or tablet.


On some devices it will be extremely slow when first starting to play (new world/course), please be patient.


The game operation method on Android phones and tablets is not the same as that on PCs, please read 《Android Phone/Tablet Quick Start Guide

Source Code

  • Github :


This branch (Release) is created for releases only.

To be honest, I don't want to create an independent minetest version. In order to be able to merge back to the main branch at any time, I use an independent function branch for development. The main function branch of Minetest:Edu is: edu/builtin, and a series of sub-function branches starting with edu/.

Branch description:

  • edu/builtin: Add student interface and teacher interface
  • edu/settings/binary: Add support for binary configuration files
  • edu/drawHeader: fix drawHeader
  • edu/static_spawnpoint: fix spawn point issue
  • edu/android/client-translation: fix android default Chinese problem
  • feat/singleplayer-user: support multi-player in single player game
  • fix/trusted_mod_io: This security patch determines a function's access rights by checking which mod ultimately initiated the execution of the script function.
    • Note: You should disable Lua's tail call optimization to address the issue of Lua call stack information being lost.
    • Here is my code to disable Lua's tail call optimizationopen in new window
    • When a regular mod calls a function of a trusted mod, the privilege should not be elevated.
    • When a trusted mod calls a function of a regular mod, the privilege should not downgrade.
  • rubenwardy-world_independent_common_data: Modified from Add world-independent storage directory for modsopen in new window
    • minetest.get_mod_data_path([mod_name]): add optional mod_name argument.
    • add minetest.get_mod_data_path(mod_name) to mainmenu
    • add minetest.get_mod_data_path([mod_name]) to client(CSM)
    • The mod_data/[mod_name]/ directory is typically writable by its mod owner and readable by others.
    • already merged the fix/trusted_mod_io branch.
  • feat/csm-check_is_single_player: add is_single_player boolean field to the get_server_info() client(CSM) api
  • feat/csm-client_ready_etc: add register_on_client_ready, register_on_camera_ready and register_on_minimap_ready callback registration to the client(CSM) api
  • feature/add-unregister-function: add an unregister function that is returned by global callback registration functions in LUA.

Change log

See: Change log

Last update: 7/6/2023, 6:48:05 PM
Contributors: Riceball LEE