In-game management

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In-game via chat commands:

  • Can manage players and player permissions;
  • Many mods can also be managed in-game by providing new chat commands and new permissions

To use chat commands for management, you must first obtain the corresponding permissions

Chat command

In-game management is carried out through chat commands (also known as server commands). As the name implies, chat commands are entered in the chat window, for example, you can use the /privs command to view your own permissions.

Unless otherwise noted, the commands in this article assume that no privileges are required.

Send command

To send commands in the game, you only need to open the chat window and type commands like other chat messages. Any player can enter commands through chat to perform certain operations.


Some commands only work if you have granted the user privileges on the server.

How to open the chat form

All commands start with "/". After that, a word (command) follows, followed by parameters. The number of parameters depends on the specific command, but there are conventions: the parameters in <> indicate necessary parameters, and the parameters in [] indicate that they can be omitted.

All commands start with "`/`" character

So normal chat messages cannot start with "/", they will be interpreted as commands even if such commands don't exist.

You can tell whether the command was successful by the server's response. If you see Invalid command: /blargh in chat, you may have misspelled the command. If the command is executed successfully, the command will return the result in the chat history or display the form.

As an administrator, you also have no special permissions at the beginning, but you can obtain all permissions at any time by executing the /grantme all command to facilitate subsequent operations.

built-in privileges

show all privileges

All privileges (including those added by the mod) can be obtained through the chat command /help privs

Listed below is the Minetest_Game sub-game, the list of built-in permissions

interactWhether to allow interaction with game items (digging, placing, opening/closing...), the default is allowed
shoutWhether to allow to chat with other people, the default is to allow
flyWhether to allow the player to activate airplane mode
fastWhether to allow players to activate fast mode
noclipWhether to allow the player to activate the wall mode
settimeWhether to allow the player to set the time in the game world
homeWhether to allow the player to set a home location
settimeWhether to allow the player to change the time
teleportYou can use the /teleport command to teleport yourself to the specified coordinates or to another player
bringWhen enabled together with the teleport permission, it is possible to use the /teleport command to teleport any player to a specific coordinate or to another player
giveWhether to allow to get items, the default is allowed in creative mode, and the default is not allowed in survival mode
protection_bypassWhether to allow bypassing the block's protection (e.g. can open locked chests or doors for everyone)
privsadmin permissions, if allowed you can use /grant and /revoke to set any privileges for the player
basic_privsAdministrative Privileges, whether /grant and /revoke are allowed to set the list of basic privileges defined in the minetest.conf configuration file (default: "interact" and "shout " permissions)
kickadministrative authority, is it allowed to kick players
banadministrative authority, whether to allow banning/unblocking players or IPs
passwordAdmin Authority, whether to allow modifying or resetting player passwords
serveradministrative authority, perform a series of server maintenance operations


If there is no special description in the list, the default is not allowed

Mod privileges and Commands

Each module will add privileges and commands according to its own functions

Quiz Mod

The game time management and interspersed practice in the game are also realized through the function module [Quiz player challenge] (../mods/quiz).

Quiz player challenge mod permissions (the following permissions exist when the quiz module is enabled)

  • quiz: Whether to allow quiz management: add, delete, modify questions
  • noquiz: whether to allow no quiz

For more detailed management instructions, please read the mod description: Quiz Player Challenge Mod

Internal Commands

Common commands are as follows, for a more complete list of commands, please refer to: Chat (Server) Command List


  • /help: Display a list of available commands according to permissions on the server

Commands added by the mod will also appear in this list

Grant/revoke privileges command

All of these commands require you to have "privs" (manipulate all privileges) or "basic_privs" (manipulate "interact" and "shout" privileges) privileges.

  • /grant <player> <privilege> - grant <privilege> to <player>
  • /grant <player> all — grant all available privileges to <player>
  • /grantme <privilege> - Grant yourself <privilege>
  • /grantme all — Grant all privileges to yourself
  • /revoke <player> <privilege> — remove from
  • /revoke <player> all - remove all permissions from <player>
  • /revokeme <privilege> - remove own <privilege> permission
  • /revokeme all - remove all permissions from self

/privs View player privileges command

  • /privs [<player>]: Displays a list of privileges for a player (<player>), or your own if no player is specified


These commands require the "shout" privilege to work.

/msg private chat command

  • /msg <player> <message>: Send a direct message <message> to the specified player <player>; other players cannot see it.


The message sent by /msg isn't really a secret. Anyone intercepting network traffic, server operators can in principle still read


/give/giveme give item command

  • /give <player> <itemstring> [<count> [<wear>]]: Give the player <player> the specified number of <count> (default is 1) items <itemstring>( Refer to ItemStrings). The <wear> parameter is the damage degree of the specified tool (0-65535, the larger the value, the greater the damage, the default value is 0), if it is other items, this value is useless , requires the "give" privilege.
  • /giveme <itemstring> [<count> [<wear>]]: Give me something. <count> and <wear> have the same meaning as /give. The "give" privilege is required.


Executing this command requires the "give" privilege


  • /giveme default:torch: give you a torch
  • /give Peter default:cobble 50: Give player: Peter 50 cobblestones
  • /giveme default:pick_steel 1 16383: Gives you an iron pickaxe with about 25% wear


Negative numbers for <count> and <wear> will count down from 65536, so you can use -1 as a shorthand for 65535 (the maximum possible value).

Teleport command

Teleportation is the immediate movement of any player to a given location. All of the following commands require the "teleport" privilege

  • /teleport <x>,<y>,<z>: Teleport yourself to the given coordinates
  • /teleport <target_player>: Teleport yourself to the player named <target_player>
  • /teleport <player> <x>,<y>,<z>: Teleport <player> to the given coordinates. Also requires the "bring" privilege
  • /teleport <player1> <player2>: Teleport player <player1> to <player2>. Also requires the "bring" privilege

/kill kill player or self

  • /kill [<name>] : kill player or self. Requires "server" privilege


These commands allow setting and resetting any player's password and require the "password" privilege to use

  • /setpassword <player> <password>: set the password of the player <player> to <password>
  • /clearpassword <player>: set the password of the player <player> to empty

Banned or kicked player from server

These commands allow the user to kick, ban and unban players. Kicking a player means removing a connected player from the server. This requires the "kick" privilege. Banning a player prevents him/her from connecting to the server again. Players do not need to connect at this time. Unban means to unban a player, allowing him/her to connect to the server again. The ban and unban commands require the "ban" privilege.

  • /kick <player name> [<reason>]: kick player <player name>. The reason <reason> can optionally be provided in text form, this text will also be displayed to the kicked player.
  • /ban: show list of banned players
  • /ban <player name>: Ban bans the IP of the player <player name>
  • /unban <player name>: unban player
  • /unban <IP address>: Unban the player IP

Game world date and time

  • /days: View the number of days of the current game (counting from 0)
  • /time: View the current game time (24-hour format)

Adjust the time and speed of the game world

  • /time <hours>:<minutes>: Set the "time" of the "day" in the game in 24-hour format (0:00-23:59). Requires "settime" privilege
  • /set -n time_speed <speed>: Set the speed of the game world time running [day/night cycle], where <speed> is the speed multiple of time (<speed> time is faster than in real life quick). The default value is 72, which means that by default, the world time in the game is 72 times faster than the real time, that is, 20 minutes is a day (24 hours). Requires "server" privilege

/killme kill command

  • /killme kill command

Set / return home (spawn point)

  • /sethome : Set current location as home location ("spawn"). Requires "home" privilege
  • /home : Teleport yourself to the "home" location. If the home point has not been set, this command will not work, please execute /sethome to set the birth point first. Requires "sethome" privilege.
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