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Common problems and corresponding solutions in the process of using the theme are included here.


Unable to input unicode characters under Windows

If you are still using the old version (v5.6.1-c35575a00(2022-09-25) and previous versions), please switch to the English input method or upgrade to the latest version (minetest-5.6.1-edu-2d4c67fd6(2022- 10-15) and later releases).


  • Known Issues: Versions released before minetest-5.6.1-edu-2d4c67fd6(2022-10-15) input text on Windows systems, only Can use pure English input method, can not use any Unicode IME input method input, otherwise no text can be input. The latest version must be installed to use Unicode IME Input Method.
  • If occasionally the IME input method cannot be called out, please click the window outside the input box (let the input box lose focus), and then switch back to the input box (click the input box again)
  • BTW: It is normal to input unicode chars under Android and Linux(Ubuntu).

Android phone/tablet (touch screen) cannot close the open window (inventory bar) in the game

Clicking anywhere outside the window (inventory) should close the window, but it doesn't.

Workaround: First click anywhere in the window (item bar) again, and then click outside the window to close the window.

Forgot the admin password

Delete the teacher file in the client directory. Or delete the entire directory directly, and unzip it again.

This will restore the default admin password.

student password forgotten

If you don't need to keep the game world, just delete the entire directory and unzip it again.

If you need to enter the previous game world, you need two steps:

  1. Delete the teacher file in the client directory, and reset the student password
    • Note: Teacher password will also be reset to default
  2. Modify or delete the password in the game world
    1. Method 1: Enter the game as a teacher (under the Start Game tab page in teacher mode)
      • After using chat command to get all permissions (/grantme all)
      • Use /setpassword <name> <new password> [change password chat command](../guide/teacher/ingame-man/#password operation) to change the student's password to the reset password
    2. Method 2: Delete the auth.sqlite file in the worlds/default world directory, and clear all user passwords in this world
      • Note: This is to delete the user password of the default world, to delete the user password of other worlds, please do the same in other world directories under the worlds directory

Contact us

Report a problem or suggestion

If you have any questions or suggestions about "Minetest: Education Edition", please click here and indicate the specific details.

If necessary, please provide a Minimal Reproduction Repo[1] link. And provide debug logs. If your problem is related to the display, please also provide relevant screenshots.

Get help

Only for "Minetest: Education Edition" itself

  • If you have questions about learning and using Lua, CPP code, or you don't know how to write what you want, you may need to ask questions in related forums, Stack Overflow, etc.
  • If you have questions about Minetest, please ask on the Minetest Forumopen in new window.

Please only initiate "Minetest:Education Edition" discussions in the repository and related discussions with the Quiz mod written by Riceball LEE.

  • If you encounter usage problems but don't know how to solve them, we also welcome you to open a new discussionopen in new window on GitHub. Questions are always welcome, no matter if they are simple or not. You just need to make sure of three things:

    1. You have tried searching for relevant documentation.
    2. You provide a detailed description in your discussion. If you don't know how to configure something, please describe what you want, what you search for, or what part of the guide you'd like to see (so we can improve our documentation).
    3. You are not asking a question unrelated to "Minetest: Education Edition", nor are you seeking "technical support". We don't provide help on "how to customize something" (how to write your own code). Please don't ask for help for this part unless you donate to the project. The author is currently very busy and doesn't want to "become a documentation provider", and doesn't have much time to "teach you how to write code".

  1. The basic idea of a minimal repro repo is to use the least amount of code and configuration to trigger missing or wrong behaviors. A minimal repo repo makes it easier for developers to see where bugs or missing functionality are, and to verify that new code meets requirements. ↩︎

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