Item Internal Name (ItemStrings)

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Itemstrings are the internal names of items.


The general item internal name string is composed of the mod name of the item source + ":" + the actual name of the item.


All item names are case sensitive.



  • default:torch — a torch (from mod “default”)
  • default:dirt — dirt (from mod “default”)
  • farming:bread — bread (from mod “farming”)
  • wool:orange — orange wool (from mod “wool”)
  • screwdriver:screwdriver — screwdriver (from mod “screwdriver”)

There are also some special item names that don't follow the above rules.

Special item name

  • air
  • ignore: Used internally to indicate invisible, not yet loaded(unloaded).
Last update: 6/29/2023, 10:40:54 PM
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