Survival Mode

About 3 min


If you are not clear about the operation of the game, please read the Get Started.

You are born at a random location in the morning. This is when you need to look for trees. The sun will rise and set


If the creature/monster mod is enabled in this world, creatures will appear randomly in this world, and some unique creatures/monsters will only appear during the day or night, which will have a great impact on your survival.

Dig and get falling blocks

The way to get resources in survival mode is by digging and getting dropped blocks.


A tree generally consists of a trunk and leaves. As shown, this is an apple tree, and the nearby lighter-colored trees are pine trees. The wood is all the same except for differences in color and grain.

Since you don't have any tools, you need to get close and aim at the wood (with a small crosshair), and hit the wood continuously, and you will find a block crack in the wood, keep hitting the wood, when the crack is full of this A block, this block will be dug up, appear on the ground in the form of an item, and will be picked up if approached (the ItemDrop module is enabled by default). Most blocks require specific tools to break quickly and drop.

How to "Hit Wood"

After approaching the tree:

In a few seconds you have an extra piece of wood in your hand

Combining item and equipment

Changing items or creating new items is achieved by placing different items in different positions in the synthesis column, which is called an item synthesis recipe.

Open the item bar, left-click the wood, and put it into any of the 6 (3x3) squares below the synthesis, and the synthesized item will appear in the small square on the right. Congratulations, you have decomposed the wood into 4 planks. Then you can drag the wood plank synthesized in the small square on the right to your own inventory.


"Open inventory" operation method


How to "Drag Items"

view item synthesis recipes




Then put a piece of wood into the synthesis bar, you will get 4 sticks.



Make a pickaxe in this way (you can do without any tools, but you must have a pickaxe). You can replace the pickaxe (three blocks of wood/stone horizontally is the pickaxe) with stone or iron ingot.

dig stone

Then go to dig the stone, the gray one is the stone, collect it with a pickaxe, and get the rough stone.

stone pick

In this way, stone pickaxes can collect iron ore that wooden pickaxes cannot.


The ones with black dots are coal mines, where coal can be dug out;


Iron ore is dotted with dark gold, and iron ore can be dug out.



A piece of coal and a stick are used as a torch for lighting.



Eight rough stones are used to build a furnace for cooking cooked food and minerals.

Put fuel under the furnace: coal, wood, leaves..., and put materials that need to be heated on it.

Iron ingots

furnace iron

Coal, various leaves, and most wood products can be used as fuel, and fired items are placed on top, such as iron ore to obtain iron ingots.

In the early stage, there was no coal, so you could put leaves, planks and wooden tools into it as fuel to burn. Of course, the fire will go out after a while, because it is not resistant to burning, so you need to put more fuel.

Steel Pickaxe


If you make an iron pick as shown in the picture, you can collect more advanced minerals above iron ore.



The method of an axe (stone can be replaced by wood, iron, etc., and other tools are the same) is mainly used for chopping wood products, and is also encouraged to be used as a weapon.



The practice of the sword can cause a group injury effect of horizontal slashing on multiple targets.



Shovels are used to dig dirt, sand, and gravel faster.



Hoe, used for farming, right click on the soil to generate arable land.



The iron bucket can lift water (press the left button to dig water where there is water). Use right button (place) to pour water.



Sow seeds on cultivated land (wheat seeds can be obtained by rolling grass), and there must be a water source next to the cultivated land to grow well.

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