Creative Mode

Less than 1 minute


If you are not clear about the operation of the game, please read the Get Started.

All resources in creative mode are at your fingertips. And the blocks in the world can be dug by hand without tools (unless protection is set).

Open inventory

You can see that the inventory bar is divided into left and right parts:



Note: The inventory here is the inventory interface after the unified_inventory mod is enabled, and the following inventory is explained with this advanced inventory module as an example.

  • left
    • The upper part is the player's item synthesis bar (not used in creative mode)
    • The lower part is the player's belongings column
  • On the right is a list of all items (including equipment and animals) in the game:
    • In creative mode, click on any item to put it in the user's inventory.
    • In survival mode, you can only view the synthesis method of the item.

Now, little God of Creation, start creating the world in your mind now.

izzys castle

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