Numeracy 数的模组

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Before using this mod, remember to enable this mod first.

This mod adds a block for exploring arithmetic with kids that bond together and change appearance based on the number of blocks connected, the mod was developed with the inspiration of the children's TV show Numberblocksopen in new window.



You can find the block by searching numeracy in the inventory, and you can get it by clicking on the block in creative mode (or with the give permission). Currently, since there is no recipe for making this block, it can only be given by parents in survival mode.

Get "Arithmetic Blocks" from your inventory and start grouping them. Watch the appearance of the blocks change and the numbers above the blocks change.


Try to measure the distance between two places by placing a chain of blocks.


Measure the height.


Try to make as many different rectangles or other shapes as possible with the same number of blocks.


Try exploring natural number sequences, rectangles, squares, cubes, triangles (like stairs).

Last update: 6/29/2023, 10:40:54 PM
Contributors: Riceball LEE