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About 1 min

Character movement control method (default keys binding)

  • WASD Parallel movement keys: W forward; S backward, A left; D right move
  • Mouse:
    • Move the mouse (up, down, left, and right): The character rotates in situ to adjust the line of sight (look around)
    • Left mouse button: Destroy your selected blocks (mining)/creatures (hitting), and eat food; move items in backpack (inventory)
    • Right Mouse Button: Interact with blocks, open (such as opening a chest, door or furnace) or use, place a block, move an item or split an item in the inventory to place a block or use an item in your hand
    • Shift+Right Mouse Button: Place blocks only (when needing to place blocks on chests or furnaces)
    • Middle mouse button (usually mouse wheel pressed): Move 10 items in inventory
    • Mouse wheel (scroll forward and backward): select items in the Equip Item Quick Bar
  • Shift key: Sneak (walks slower, but prevents falling off the edge of the block), down (fly, 🪜climb stairs)
  • Space key: jump (on the ground), up (fly, 🪜 climb stairs)
  • Q: Throws the item or tool in hand and throws it on the ground
  • 1-9: Equip item shortcut bar to select items
  • I: open/close backpack (inventory)
  • T: open/close chat window
  • C: Change camera view: switch between first person and third person front (back).
  • V: switch minimap
  • K: enable/disable airplane mode (must have flight permission)
  • J: enable/disable fast mode (must have fast permission)
  • H: enable/disable wall penetration mode (must have wall penetration noclip permission)
  • ESC key: Open the system menu, where you can change the key position and exit the game

Change keys binding


Check Automatic Jumping, and you can jump over obstacles that you can jump over directly, just like Android phones and tablets.

Last update: 6/28/2023, 5:25:32 PM
Contributors: Riceball LEE