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Android Operation Guide

Enter the student interface after running:


Then click the "Start (Single Player) Game" button to enter the game.

multiplayer game

Appears only after enabling multiplayer in "Teacher Mode" and configuring the server address.

After entering the game, the operation method is as follows:


The game world is made up of different kinds of "blocks". All blocks in the game world can be dug out (destroyed), and of course you can place "blocks" anywhere.

Basic operation of the game:

  1. First-person character walking operation
  2. Dig out (destroy) and place the "block"

The game operation on the mobile phone is different from the computer operation. The mobile phone is a touch screen operation, and the touch screen operation is divided into left and right sides from the middle.

Screen Left

Pushing and pulling at any position on the left is to control the character's walking direction control area (movement direction control virtual buttonDiection) and function menu buttons (three Vertical dotsthree dot).

  • Click on the Function Menu on the left (three vertical dots) three dot:
    • Chat bubble icon chat - open chat window: used for chatting in multiplayer games or entering various commands
    • Nine squares icon Inventory - Open the player's inventory: item equipment (synthesis) column
    • Chest drop icon Drop - Click to drop the item the player is holding

Screen Right

On the right is the operating area:

  • Touch the screen and swipe around to adjust the line of sight for the character to rotate in place (look around)
  • Press and hold the nearby square (object) on the screen to dig (drop the square) or click, which is equivalent to the left mouse button on the computer
  • Double-clicking (twice in a row) the items on the screen (also all blocks) is an interactive operation (such as: placing the block in the hand, opening the door), which is equivalent to the right mouse button on the computer

The other buttons are explained as follows:

  • Click Configuration Menu gear, you can see the following buttons:
    • Binocular icon Binocular - toggle field of view
    • The eye icon Eye - toggles player view
    • Three gear icon three gear - Toggle display of debug information
    • Running icon Running - enable/disable fast movement (requires "fast" privilege)
    • Player walks through blocks icon NoClip - enable/disable walk through walls (requires "noclip" privilege)
    • Paper airplane icon Fly - enable/disable flight mode (requires "fly" privilege)
  • Zoom: Depends on the game
  • Auxiliary Key(Aux1): Depends on the game.
  • UpupDowndownControl: Use for climbing ladders, swimming, flying, etc.
    • Press and hold "down"! down is stealth, then walk around the edge of the block, it will not fall,
    • Hold down "down"down can also place blocks on chests

At the bottom of the screen is Shortcut (Equipment) Item Bar: Click to switch the things (items/equipment) in your hand.


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